Our commitment

We started our IZAKAYA, Motsudokoro RAKU, around 16 years ago here in Kandatacho that is close from Kanda station, Akihabara station and Awajicho station.

We’ve been working hard every day with the aim of becoming a tasty IZAKAYA where you can feel free to relax.

Reasonably priced delicious food…

An IZAKAYA where you can have enjoyable time…

Carefully Selected Ingredients

We devote ourselves to complete the best dish with the best fresh ingredients at Motsudokoro RAKU.

We have the knowledge of purchasing, preparing and the details of cooking skills that has been accumulated for about 16 years which cannot be duplicated anywhere.

“Making full use of the soul of ingredients” is our conviction which leads us to devote ourselves to the taste of food at Motsudokoro RAKU.

Devoting Ourselves to Cooking Skills

No matter how great the offal is or how great the cook is, you can’t make an “impressive dish” without careful preparation.

“Careful preparation is the life of deliciousness!” 

That’s our conviction at Motsudokoro RAKU.

Carefully Selected Alcoholic Drinks

Delicious food = Delicious offal goes great with delicious alcoholic drinks.

We have varieties of delicious alcoholic drinks at Motsudokoro RAKU.

There are glasses of ice-cold draft beer, ice-cold lemon sour with frozen shochu and carefully selected sake and shochu collected from all over Japan.

These delicious alcoholic drinks make your enjoyable time even more fun.

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Delicious food made with carefully selected ingredients.

There are carefully selected sake and shochu.

There are exquisite dishes cooked by the skilled chef.

A course with an all-you-can-drink is perfect for parties with your colleagues at work and friends.

Please enjoy a great time.



Grilled Offal Made
by Hand One by One

When it comes to “offal,” it’s grilled offal!

We skewer one by one with our heart.

If you can’t decide what to eat, please try this one first!

Excellent Freshness! TORISASHI
(chicken sashimi)

Very popular menu item at Motsudokoro RAKU!

We serve fresh MIODORI chicken which you can enjoy all the deliciousness.

Please try it!

The Most Popular Menu Item!
Offal Hotpot!

The offal hotpot is popular all year round!

The plump offal goes great with the secret soup of soy sauce flavor.

CHAMPON noodle is for finishing off the hotpot!



Shop Motsudokoro RAKU
Address 2-8-8 Kandatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Mizuno Building 1F
Phonre +81-3-3252-8565
URL https://motsu-raku.com
Holiday Sun・Holiday
Hour 17:00〜01:00(LO 0:00)
Credit VISA,Master,Amex,Diners,etc.,

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