Carefully Selected Ingredients

Never Waste The Life of Ingredients

We devote ourselves to complete the best dish with the best fresh ingredients at Motsudokoro RAKU.

We have the knowledge of purchasing, preparing and the details of cooking skills that has been accumulated for about 16 years which cannot be duplicated anywhere.

“Making full use of the soul of ingredients” is our conviction which leads us to devote ourselves to the taste of food at Motsudokoro RAKU.

Freshness is The Key

The offal is carefully selected and sent directly from the Shinagawa Meat Center. We are doing our best to serve the offal as fresh as possible.

“Freshness is the key of offal!”

That’s our conviction at Motsudokoro RAKU.

Devoting Ourselves for Preparation

Preparation is The Key

No matter how great the offal is or how great the cook is, you can’t make an “impressive dish” without careful preparation.

“Careful preparation is the life of deliciousness!” 

That’s our conviction at Motsudokoro RAKU

Best Preparation According to Each Kinds of Offal

It will not be delicious unless we make different preparations for each kinds of offal.

For some parts we boil, for some parts we rub with salt and for some parts we just wash neatly so the great taste of the offal can be well recognized.

Because we have the knowledge cultivated over 16 years, we can serve the best offal with the best cooking method that no other restaurants can serve.

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