1.Purpose of use of collected personal information MOTSUDOKORO RAKU(hereinafter referred to as “our company”) will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law, Personal Information Protection Policy and other norms concerning the handling of your personal information, etc.
2.About providing personal information to a third party We will not provide personal information etc. to a third party unless it falls under any of the following

(1)In the case of obtaining customer’s prior consent
(2)When consigning handling of personal information to the business consignment company to the extent necessary for achieving the use purpose clearly stated to the customer
(3)When requested to be provided pursuant to the provisions of laws and regulations

3.About disclosure, correction, etc. of personal information Our company will respond reliably when there is a request such as disclosure, correction, deletion etc. of self information from the customer himself / herself.
【purpose of use】
Our company will use personal information collected from customers for the following purposes

For contacting customers

For answering customer inquiries

For providing service to customers