“MOTSU” is offal of poultry or livestock.
It is also called “HORUMON,” “livestock byproduct,” “visceral meat,” “variety meat,” and “fancy meat.”
Broadly speaking, it refers to all organs.

In this case, the livers and hearts are called “AKA (red) MOTSU,” and the stomachs and intestines are called “SHIRO (white) MOTSU.”
In a narrow sense, the “small intestine” is called “MOTSU” or “HORUMON.”

Quoted from Wikipedia

①Tongue: Cow tongues
➁KASHIRA (jowl): It is the meat on the cheeks and is characterized by being high in fat.
③SHOKUDO: It is the esophagus part but its texture and taste is similar to lean meat and has almost no oiliness.
④URUTE: It is the cartilage of trachea.
⑤Liver: Liver
⑥HATSUMOTO (KORIKORI): It is the part of the aorta near the heart.
⑧SHIBIRE: Thymus.
⑨SAGARI: It is the part that hangs from the diaphragm.

⑩HARAMI: It is the outer part of the diaphragm.
⑪MINO: Rumen.
⑫MAME: Kidney.
⑬HACHINOSU: Reticulum.
⑭HACHINOSU: Reticulum.
⑮GIARA (Red SENMAI): Abomasum.
⑯HIMO (MARUCHO): Small intestine.
⑰SHIMACHO: Large intestine.
⑱KOBUKURO: Uterus.
⑲TEPPO: It is the rectum.

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➁TANSHITA: A soft part at the root of a tongue.
③KASHIRA: It is the part from the temple to the cheek.
④NODO-NANKOTSU (donut): It is the cartilage in the throat of a pig.
⑤TONTORO: It is the meat on the neck.
⑥HATSU: Heart.
⑦ENGAWA (HARAMI): It is the part between the rib meat and the diaphragm (HARAMI.)
⑧GATSU: It is the stomach.

⑨Liver: It is low-fat, high-protein and nutritious. 
⑩MAME: Kidney.
⑪HIMO: Small intestine.
⑫DAICHO: Large intestine.
⑬TEPPO: Rectum.
⑭KOBUKURO: Uterus.
⑮CHICHIKABU:Breasts of a pig scalpel


①SAEZURI:Esophagus and respiratory tract.
③YAGEN:A slender cartilage at the tip of the sternum of a chicken.
⑥GENKOTSU:Cartilage of the knee joint.
⑧KINKAN:The eggs are growing in the body and are connected in a beaded shape.
⑨BONJIRI:A rare part of the chicken’s tail that can be barely caught.


Devoting Ourselves for Preparation

Preparation is The Key

No matter how great the offal is or how great the cook is, you can’t make an “impressive dish” without careful preparation.

“Careful preparation is the life of deliciousness!”

That’s our conviction at Motsudokoro RAKU

Best Preparation According to Each Kinds of Offal

It will not be delicious unless we make different preparations for each kinds of offal.

For some parts we boil, for some parts we rub with salt and for some parts we just wash neatly so the great taste of the offal can be well recognized.

Because we have the knowledge cultivated over 16 years, we can serve the best offal with the best cooking method that no other restaurants can serve.


Grilled Offal Made
by Hand One by One

When it comes to “offal,” it’s grilled offal!
We skewer one by one with our heart.

If you can’t decide what to eat, please try this one first!

Excellent Freshness! TORISASHI
(chicken sashimi)

Very popular menu item at Motsudokoro RAKU!
We serve fresh MIODORI chicken which you can enjoy all the deliciousness.
Please try it!

The Most Popular Menu Item!
Offal Hotpot!

The offal hotpot is popular all year round!

CHAMPON noodle is for finishing off the hotpot!

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